ICE-AID – Speaks when you can’t!

Are you prepared in an emergency? The difference between life and death in the event of an emergency often comes down to how quickly you can obtain the appropriate professional medical assistance. ICE-AID has developed an advanced medical and emergency band. This state of the art offering uses SMS technology backed by a state of the art call centre to provide your critical information to the person activating the emergency notification. The call centre agent will simultaneously contact your nominated next of kin and inform them of the details of your emergency the ICE-AID Plus option also comes with some handy applications that will provide you with legal advice, an SOS panic for various emergencies such as medical and legal.

Peace of mind when you or a loved one cannot speak. ICE-AID provides a platform for the storage of your key medical information in one place. This platform allows you to change or update your details. In the event of an SMS trigger being activated your approved information is sent to the relevant person on site. Your key contacts also contacted to inform them of the emergency and the action that will be taken.

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A member’s band or bracelet’s unique membership PIN number is SMS’ed to the designated SMS short code on the band or bracelet.

SMS 41535


A member with a basic phone triggers the service by pressing the speed dial USSD number.

Dial *120*333765*911#


A member with a smart phone triggers the service by pressing the icon on the home screen with the phone’s GPS service activated, if not already active.