In the event of an emergency, anyone with a working cellphone and airtime can SMS your unique bracelet number to our SMS short code, 41535.

Immediately upon receiving your SMS, all your medical information you provide to us when you register your band will be sent to the person notifying us of your emergency. At the same time an agent from our 24 hours dedicated call center will phone the originator in order to find out the details of your emergency. The call center agent will then contact your primary contact and provide them with details of your emergency, for example:

  • The type and status of the emergency.
  • Your medical condition.
  • Any assistance you may need.
  • The details of the hospital you will be transferred to.

In addition, on ICE-AID PLUS, the call center will assess the emergency and dispatch a service provider, for example (ambulance, police, plumber, fire engine. The member WILL be liable to cover the cost of any emergency services dispatched to the service provider directly.

If you require further peace of mind and assistance in an emergency you will need to upgrade your membership to ICE-AID SUPERIOR.

Unlimited Service:

  • 24 Hour Telephonic Assistance that is location based service (See terms and conditions).
  • Free emergency USSD and phone application.

Comparison of ICE Offering:

ICE Offering Basic Plus Superior
24 hour emergency Call Centre
Contact next of Kin in an emergency
Provide GPS co-ordinates
Unlimited Telephone Medical Information
Dispatch Emergency Road side assist
Cover for Emergency Road Side assist
Dispatch Emergency Home Assist
Cover for Emergency Home Assist
Despatch Emergency Ambulance Assist
Cover for Emergency Ambulance Assist
Unlimited Telephonic Emergency Legal Assist
Annual Membership Fee for a single member R175 R220 R385
Cost per day for a single member R0.47 R0.60 R1.05


ICE-AID is an operating company under Add2Summit (Pty) Ltd offering a Basic, Plus and Superior emergency offerings. Each product offering is taylor made to meet your unique needs and ensure peace of mind for you and your love ones at an affordable annual rate. We are a passionate group who have years of experience in the healthcare industry and emergency medical space.