The issue of ICE-AID identification and other products are subject to the terms and conditions set out below. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the meaning assigned to them below.

1.1 "Benefits" - the benefits to be provided by ICE-AID to members in terms of the scheme, which benefits are set out in.

1.2 "Contracting corporate entity/medical aid" - a corporate entity/medical aid with whom ICE-AID has contracted, in terms of which, as an added-value service to the corporate entity's /medical aid's clients/members, ICE-AID shall provide members/clients of such corporate entity/medical aid with the benefits.

1.3 "Corporate/medical aid member" - a member who was invited to become a member as a result of being client and/or member of a contracting corporate entity/medical aid.

1.4 "ICE BAND" - the ICE-AID identity bracelet to be issued by ICE-AID and worn by a member on the wrist, or ankle , shall bear the ICE-AID emblem and the member's number.

1.5 "Individual member" - any member other than a corporate member/medical aid member.

1.6 "Medical emergency" - an emergency in respect of a member, arising out of the physical injury or illness of such member, which results in the admission of a member to a hospital or transportation by a service provider.


1.8 "Member" - a person who has applied to become a member of the scheme, either online, or by means of a completed, signed application form, and who has been accepted by ICE-AID.

1.9 "Member's information" - information in respect of the member which has been verified and/or supplied by the member.

1.10 "Member's number" - a unique number which has been allocated to each member, which is reflected on the ICE BAND and which cross-references to the member's information.

1.11 "Service provider" - a hospital, clinic or other health care provider or Emergency Service Provider.

1.12 "Scheme" - the scheme devised by ICE-AID in terms of which, inter alia, members:

  • 1.12.1 Are issued ID discs for purposes of identification in the case of:
    • A medical emergency.
    • The death of a member and the admission of the body of such member to a mortuary.
    • 1.12.2 Enjoy the benefits, the details of which scheme are more fully set out in these terms and conditions.
    • 1.12.3 Transportation of a member from the scene of an accident to a medical facility.
    • 1.12.4 Approved inter-hospital transfer of a member.


2.1 Upon notification by the member that he has received the ICE-AID products, the ICE BAND shall be activated and the member shall be reflected as a member on the ICE-AID database and be entitled to the benefits.

2.2 The member shall continue to be a member and he shall be entitled to the benefits:

2.2.1 In the case of corporate members/medical aid members, for so long as such corporate members/medical aid members remain a client of a contracting corporate entity/medical aid, provided that should: the member cease to be a client/customer of any contracting corporate entity; or the agreement entered into between ICE-AID and the relevant contracting corporate entity/medical aid terminate for any reason, the corporate /medical aid member shall, thirty days after such cessation or termination as the case may be, cease to be a member unless, within such thirty day period he notifies ICE-AID that he wishes to continue his membership as an individual member and makes payment to ICE-AID of the membership fees payable by individual members at that time.

2.2.2 In the case of individual members, for a period of one year after the date upon which the ICE-AID product is activated in terms of 2.1, or a corporate member becomes an individual member in terms of 2.2.1("initial period"), provided that individual members shall be entitled, either, on an annual basis or monthly basis, to renew their membership for a further period of one year ("renewal period") by making payment, within the thirty day period prior to the expiry of initial period (or the expiry of any renewal period, as the case may be), of the annual or monthly membership fees applicable at that time, as notified by ICE-AID in writing


3.1 The member confirms that the member's information supplied to ICE-AID either online or by means of an application form is true and correct in every respect and undertakes to inform ICE-AID immediately should any of such information change at any time.

3.2 the member acknowledges that the ICE BAND reflects the member's number which is unique to the member and cross-references to the member's information stored on the ICE-AID database. The member accordingly undertakes to take all reasonable precautions not to allow any other person to wear or display the member's ICE BAND. Should the member's ICE BAND be lost or stolen, the member shall immediately inform ICE-AID.


In the event of a medical emergency or the death of a member, as the case may be, ICE-AID shall provide the following benefits in respect of a member:

4.1 If a service provider SMS's* the ICE-AID number and quotes the member's number:

4.1.1 Such a service provider , shall be furnished with the member's information by means of an SMS.

4.1.2 ICE-AID shall use reasonable endeavors to ensure that at all times the ICE-AID database and server is serviceable. But will not be held responsible for a failure of the service supplied by the database server service provider.

4.1.3 ICE-AID will not be help responsible for the ICE-AID service providers, in the form of cellular networks or sms service providers for coverage or failing systems.


ICE-AID undertakes that it shall not at any time discuss with or disclose or reveal the member's information to any person, other than to:

5.1 ICE-AID employees, representatives, advisers and/or consultants who are required in the course of their duties to have access to the member's information.

5.2 Service providers in terms of these terms and conditions.


The member acknowledges that, whilst ICE-AID shall use all reasonable endeavors to:

6.1.1 Make emergency personnel, hospitals, clinics and other health care providers aware of the existence and use of the ICE-AID products.

6.1.2 Procure the participation by hospitals, clinics and other health care providers in the scheme. ICE-AID does not make any representation or give any warranty or guarantee of any nature whatsoever in respect of the scheme and ICE-AID shall not be liable to the member under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss, liability, expense or damage of any nature (including, inter alia, loss of profit and consequential damage) (collectively "losses"). Whether caused by the negligence or gross negligence of ICE-AID arising out of or in connection with any aspect of the scheme, including, without limitation, the failure of any service provider to admit and/or treat the member, the furnishing of member's information by ICE-AID to the service providers and/or mortuaries and/or the provision of any service which ICE-AID may specifically agree to provide in respect of any particular member.

6.2 Indemnifies ICE-AID against any losses (as defined in 6.1) which ICE-AID may suffer arising out of or in connection with the member's.

6.2.1 Furnishing ICE-AID with any incorrect or inaccurate information in respect of himself. 6.2.2 Permitting another person, other than the member to wear the member's ID disc or use the ICE-AID product.

6.2.3 Wearing and/or using the ICE-AID disc after he has ceased for any reason whatsoever, to be a member.


7.1 No variation or agreed cancellation of these terms and conditions shall be of any force or effect unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of ICE-AID.

7.2 ICE-AID shall not be bound by any representation, express or implied term, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein or reduced to writing and signed by ICE-AID or its representatives.

7.3 ICE-AID is not responsible for any damage, injury or death in cases of Force Majour or for events that are out of the scope and control of ICE-AID.

7.4 It is the patients responsibility to regularly check and update any missing or wrong information.

7.5 Remember, whether you have an emergency or just an inquiry, Please contact ICE-AID on info@ice-aid.co.za

7.6 Always quote your ICE-AID number in all correspondence. This is very important for us to process your request quickly and efficiently.


ICE-AID is an operating company under Add2Summit (Pty) Ltd offering a Basic, Plus and Superior emergency offerings. Each product offering is taylor made to meet your unique needs and ensure peace of mind for you and your love ones at an affordable annual rate. We are a passionate group who have years of experience in the healthcare industry and emergency medical space.


Any Person with a medical condition/s should wear an ICE-AID band to alert emergency medical professionals & loved ones in the event of an emergency